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Welcome!  Over the last few years I have had many people ask me about my experience in Youth Ministry.  I was blessed to serve as a Youth Pastor for more than 12 years and in that time, I saw my share of incredible highlights!  However, not everything was theme parks and pizza parties.  As you can imagine we encountered many challenges and struggles in the lives of students and leaders.  There were countless times when I had to rely on the help and support of others.  It was in these challenging times that I learned the value of having someone to walk through this journey with.
This course is designed to help you as a Youth Pastor or Key Youth Leader as you navigate the ups and downs of Youth Ministry.  While you learn, you will be partnered with someone who has seen it or done it as an experienced Youth Pastor.  These sessions will help train, equip and strengthen you as a Youth Pastor or primary leader.  I am incredibly excited for the ways in which this course can help you in your youth ministry.

- Wayne Giroux
YMLCC Coordinator, Western Ontario District

What is it?

The Youth Ministry Leadership Certification Program is an online mentorship course designed to train, equip and revitalize Youth Workers. 

Whether your church is starting a youth ministry for the first time, onboarding a new youth worker, or revitalizing an existing youth ministry this mentorship course will guide each leader through a personalized and intentional development process. 

100% Canadian Content.

This content was researched, written and produces in Canada by youth ministry teams across the PAOC. 

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Four Semesters:

Youth Ministry Management Tools
Youth Ministry Strategy
Youth Ministry Leadership
Youth Ministry Multiplication

How do I sign up?

Go to www.mentorship.one and create an account.
Select the Youth Ministry Leadership Certification Course. Start with Semester One. You can pay online.
You'll get instant access to the course content and a personal email from Wayne Giroux within a few days, introducing you to your hand-picked mentor. In your welcome package you'll find everything you need to get started.

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Meet our Mentors

There's nothing cookie-cutter about our approach. We're going to pair you with a great mentor from right here in our own district. 
Rob Kropf
Movement Church
Woodstock, ON

Nick Kostyc
Temiskaming Church
Haileybury, ON
Brent Hyttenrauch
People's Church
Hamilton, ON

Roy Hyde 
Arthur Pentecostal Assembly
Arthur, ON
Carl Patterson
Parkway Church
Corunna, ON

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